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Church is family
Jamie Lee
How we see the church will shape how we interact and engage with it. If we don’t see it properly we will engage with it wrong. The church is not a business supplying a service but a family on a mission.
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  • Downloads: 19
  • Recorded: 16/09/2018
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Reference: Ephesians 4:11
Why I love the church
Tim Endersby
Tim shares his own story about why he loves the church
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  • Downloads: 32
  • Recorded: 09/09/2018
  • Length: 30 minutes
The Power Process
Jamie Lee
God loves process. There’s Incredible power in just continuing in the same direction Focusing on the right things in simplicity, faithfulness, and diligence.
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MP3 Audio (14.7MB)
  • Downloads: 38
  • Recorded: 02/09/2018
  • Length: 32 minutes
  • References: Nehemiah 6:15-16
    Nehemiah 8:10
God Pursues us.
David Pike
Jesus does not want disappointment, discouragement, and disillusionment to cause us to retreat from the adventure of a faith walk with Him. So He pursues us to bring us into his freedom.
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MP3 Audio (19.8MB)
  • Downloads: 219
  • Recorded: 24/09/2017
  • Length: 45 minutes
  • Reference: Luke 24:13-35
How to be fruitful
Jamie Lee
"Since you can do nothing how much help do you need?"
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MP3 Audio (17.1MB)
  • Downloads: 43
  • Recorded: 19/08/2018
  • Length: 37 minutes
  • Reference: John 15
What storms reveal
Jamie Lee
Storms and difficult circumstances provide an opportunity to explore and discover who Jesus is and who you are in Jesus.
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MP3 Audio (11.9MB)
  • Downloads: 36
  • Recorded: 12/08/2018
  • Length: 25 minutes
  • Reference: Mark 4:35-41
Heaven's Freedom. How to change your mind
Jamie Lee
A stronghold is a cultural lens/A personal attitude. A stronghold is a mental block. A blind spot. A mental battle. We are not battling WHO we are but what we believe.
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MP3 Audio (16.5MB)
  • Downloads: 142
  • Recorded: 04/03/2018
  • Length: 36 minutes
  • Reference: 2 Corinthians 10:4
The Power of Contentment
Jamie Lee
Being Persistent, consistent, and resistant because of contentment and satisfaction makes the believer unstoppable.
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MP3 Audio (17.5MB)
  • Downloads: 47
  • Recorded: 08/11/2017
  • Length: 38 minutes
  • Reference: Philippians 4:10-20
Inheritance Part 4. Overcoming Disappointment
Tim Endersby
Be honest with God, don’t try to be presentable to God, take off the mask and be real and vulnerable before God. Be honest about the disappointment, express how you genuinely feel, without accusing God of doing anything bad
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MP3 Audio (16.9MB)
  • Downloads: 58
  • Recorded: 22/07/2018
  • Length: 35 minutes
  • Reference: Joshua 7
Spiritual Check-up
Rachel Lee
we do not live in the perpetual fear that our car is not safe but we are diligent in looking after it. And I think that it is ever so important to sometimes pause and have an honest examinations at the state of our heart and beliefs.
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  • Downloads: 54
  • Recorded: 15/07/2018
  • Length: 40 minutes