What We Believe

God’s love

That it’s an unconditional love, full of transforming power


The Bible is the most important book ever written, packed with life- saving truth and common sense wisdom for everyday living today. It’s for everyone from ordinary individuals struggling to cope, to leaders of nations wrestling with issues of justice and ethics. For us, the Bible has the last say.

Holy Spirit

Christianity is not a religion. It’s a relationship with God who is alive today. Jesus Christ promised a gift to those who those who have invited God to be King of their lives. His gift is the Holy Spirit, who guides, comforts, counsels encourages and empowers us. With the Spirit of God in our hearts, our relationship with God is alive vibrant, full of joy, and full of hope.

The Church

CCK is a diverse group of people who have discovered that God is real – and can be met today. We’re devoted to building an engaged, passionate, spiritually healthy local church. A place where love and faith change things.

Community – it’s a gift from God

We were created to live and walk deeply with one another. To find comfort, purpose and belonging. To feel more alive.

Transformation – it’s normal

Or should be. As we journey together, we can learn. And heal. And share the experience.


God wants his people to grow. Our desire is that believers enjoy the grace of God, understanding that He has forgiven and accepted them solely because of what Jesus has done for them on the cross. People who are certain of eternal life, getting to know Jesus better everyday, experiencing His guidance, living for His glory, enjoying their involvement in His church and keen to reach others with the good news of the gospel.


Mankind was created to worship God. The worship of God is our most important reason for living. Worship means giving God full credit for every amazing thing that he is, and every wonderful thing that he has done. Worship involves our whole being, whether in song and prayer on Sunday, or in our attitudes to others in the workplace on Monday.


To join the church is to join an army of people who are committed to sharing every good thing they have received from God with the people around them. The mercy and kindness of God to his people is just too good to keep to ourselves! Showing and telling people the amazing truth about Jesus Christ to people who do not yet know God is one of the highest priorities of the church.


God wants a family for himself, drawn from every nation in the world. One of the main tasks of the church is to join with God in making sure that every people group in the world learns about the mercy, grace, kindness and goodness of God, shown through the life, death and resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ.

We believe in:


Whoever you are, you’re not just a face in a crowd; we believe that you are already known and loved by God. We would love you to experience that God is good, and know that He wants each of us, no matter what our background, to live life to the full - a vibrant, inspired, full-of-joy-and-hope kind of life.