why dream? 

Without dreaming with God it is impossible to develop true intimacy and connection with Him. In dreaming we get to know and love Him, love his dreams  and share our desires too.

Dreaming with God is vital to a dynamic and deep relationship with Him. Relationship creates the opportunity for wonderful exchange. Getting to experientially know Him creates a context for deep trust, surrender and rich expectation.

Its not possible to have genuine intimacy and connection without deep and real exchange. There must be a context to develop a relationship of intimacy, connection, awe and trust. God loves it when our confidence in Him causes us to ask and expect great things of Him. Its not enough to just know His vision and dreams, any soldier, servant or slave can hear and obey commands. Neither can it just be about the believers dreams and purpose, where dreaming becomes selfish He ceases to be the good Father, and instead functions as the butler of heaven. Of even greater danger is when entitlement leads to believing we are God’s consultant telling Him how to fulfill the dream.

Dreaming with God is a beautifully delicate, precious and mysterious space where He remains the all wise, all knowing God, yet with sons and daughters  making a demand upon His goodness, grace, power and wisdom. At the same time not being prescriptive, entitled and demanding.

Its in the tension between abandoned to loving Him and being invited to dream. Big expectation yet without  entitlement. Sharing ideas yet not His consultant, its in the tensions that dreaming becomes so deep and precious.


Jamie Lee, 22/07/2018