VISION that transcend time 

God’s plan is that His Kingdom be advanced by His family, through His sons and daughters having a revelation and becoming fully convinced of their royal identity.  This family has an apostolic assignment, to establish the culture of heaven on earth. We are on the earth to change the circumstances, to bring transformation and reformation through love and servant hood. We have an assignment to bring form and order to chaos (Genesis 1:28 ) We are commissioned to an Offensive, not a defensive people.

God’s Method is to use people to do the impossible: He doesn’t anoint buildings, methods, or structures rather He anoints son’s and daughters. When He wants to change a nation, a city, He calls someone and gives him or her an impossible dream and assignment i.e. Abraham, i.e. Paul, i.e. Mary in Luke 1:37. The church is called to live with goals and dreams that transcend generations, and transcend time, a people who live and see the bigger picture. Our job is to represent Jesus in the marketplace, the workplace, and in the communities that we live in. Jesus has empowered us to change our communities instead of simply living in them. Chris Overstreet- A practical guide to Evangelism- Supernaturally.


Jamie Lee, 22/10/2017