Vision starts with what God places on our heart and is then is outworked on the on the front line of day to day obedience. We love the idea, and the stories of the overnight sensation, success, the celebrity coming out of no-where.

We read in Nehemiah 6v15 about the outcome, the victory, how the enemy lost self-confidence, and the wall was finished. How  both Nehemiah and the people were wonderfully vindicated. As people we are often looking for a formula so we might emulate their outcome. So we might ask Nehemiah, what was the key single most important event? Was there a magic moment or turning point? He would answer emphatically “no”. There wasn’t some switch we threw, or a single moment where we stumbled upon a new key strategy. Rather the out come was the simple result of we Continued, (Nehemiah 4v21) and when it got really tough we continued with spears. We remained focused upon the goal.

God loves process, there is incredible power in just continuing in simplicity, faithfulness, and diligence. Process is our gift to Him, its how we express moment by moment trust. Process is about focusing on the right things, with clarity, process and steady steps that create momentum.

We are called to endure because we have a promise. Nehemiah resisted distraction and accusation, and threat in order that the work might be completed. (Nehemiah 6v9). Don’t talk yourself out of what God wants to give. God says to us “I need you to fight the good fight of faith with me”. When God speaks He affirms and confirms He imparts strength too.

“God is not obligated to make us fulfil our potential”. Larry Randolph. God gives a promise to draw us along into our future. He is not obligated to shove us into our purpose. We have responsibility too, we are invited to do certain things, to stop certain things and to co-labour with God. 

Jamie Lee, 29/10/2017