Religion is a treadmill* 

“Religion is a treadmill, you do a bunch of work and you get no where. One moment of relationship with the Father, one moment of His favour can do more than a life time of striving. God wants to open up your hands because He wants to give you more than you could ask or imagine. The Father says “I’m opening up your heart and emotions and I’m hovering over you, and I’m unlocking your heart from the strife of thinking you need to prove yourself worthy. You had my attention from the first moment I thought about you, and I have not been able to stop thinking about you since. You move my heart with such a deep surging joy, allow me to love you like never before… I can do more in you while you are resting than you could ever do trying to strive for a smile you have always had. Your talent isn’t what draws me its the essence of your heart.”

* Jonathan Helser speaking at BSSM Second Year. (January 25, 2016, iBethel TV) 

Jamie Lee, 08/10/2017