The church isn’t just about good songs and lively music but the longing for times that are full of God, to know the energy and power of his presence, that brings revelation of His love, Identity, intimacy, impact. We are a people who have found something phenomenal.

Jesus placed such an emphasis upon the work of the Holy Spirit that he says ‘wait’ ‘do not leave until’ the promised Holy Spirit, the friend (John 14) has come. Acts 1:4,8, 2:1-4. 

Paul’s first question when meeting new believers in Acts 19: was have you received the Holy Spirit? His priority.

Remember Paul’s exhortation in Ephesians 5:18 Be filled with Spirit, go on being filled, not a one time only event. Invite the Holy Spirit into everything.

Receiving the Holy Spirit doesn’t necessarily happen the same time as conversion. It was for Cornelius, (Acts 10:45)

On many occasions it is a separate event after coming to Christ.
Acts 8:14 Samaritans clearly converted, they had responded to the good-news about
Jesus, baptised in water, but the Holy Spirit hadn’t yet fallen, it was a separate event.

Acts 9:17 Paul converted on the road to Damascus Regained sight and then filled with the Holy Spirit three days after his conversion.

The promise of the Holy Spirit is for every believer. Acts 2:38-39 "For the promise is for you and your children, and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God shall call to Himself (v 39)

Some say the promise is NOT for me because I’m not worthy, ready or holy enough, maybe God’s not ready for me. No the promise is for you, it’s accessible. Simply ask, the good Father will kindly give what you ask for Luke 11:11

What can we expect?
Power, prophecy, visions, dreams, boldness, filled with joy (love poured into our hearts a deeper assurance of adoption and of God being “Abba Father” miracles, signs and wonders.

Both in the New Testament and in experience tongues is often the FIRST of the supernatural gifts God gives.  A form of prayer, frees us from the limitation of human language. Speaking in tongues edifies, builds up, strengthens. Heart to heart, deep to deep.

Speaker in full control starting and stopping when you want. It’s NOT God who speaks in tongues for you, it’s YOU who speaks in tongues. When we speak we are using our normal voice box. Speaking is something we do. You have to project speech, you have to start. The language is something God gives.

Illustration about speaking in tongues:  1 Kings 17:16 As the widow poured oil it flowed. The fear must have been  as I begin to pour, will it will run out? But It says as she poured it began to flow, as the oil went over the lip of the pot the miracle wasn’t that it started to pour but that it continued.

Same with tongues we need to start with the little and more will be given. POUR OUT THE LTTLE YOU HAVE BY FAITH.  The step of faith is to open your mouth and speak. God will give the language.

The following things are important as you prepare to receive.

Faith – Acts 2:38-39 The promise is for you. Key to receiving the Holy Spirit is believing that God wants to give you the Holy Spirit.  You are included in the promise. You receive by hearing with faith. Expectation is God’s invitation.

If you believe that you are included in the promise it is important to understand that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is not something to wait for until you 'feel' ready - it is a gift of grace and therefore there is nothing you need to do to earn it.

Cornelius didn’t have to wait for maturity. The Ephesians Acts 19:4 were dripping wet after baptism but received. Paul didn’t wait until he had emptied himself and reached a certain level of sanctification.

Thirst – Did Jesus say anyone who is Holy? Anyone who deserves this? Anyone really impressive? Rather it’s anyone who is thirsty. You must have a sense of hungering and thirsting for this (John 7:37). That’s the only qualification.

Ask (Luke 11:9-13) Asking is faith in action Come to Jesus for it. Come to Him, and ask

Often comes through the laying on of hands, A believer lays hands on the Apostle Paul to be filled with the Holy Spirit, but it’s still coming to Jesus. Come and drink come and receive. Just come and ask.


Jamie Lee, 11/12/2016