The invisible foundation of culture is BELIEFS.  Merely repeating ideas won’t transform us. We don’t really believe a truth until our behaviour, emotions, and words line up. We often only focus on doing something better, trying to modify our behaviour through gritted teeth, self-effort and white knuckles. Rather than trying harder we need to look at what we actually believe.  Let’s ask ourselves  “if I really believed this truth what would my life look like?” It is NOT a life of trying harder to get our act together, the starting point for transformation is not new circumstances but a new set of beliefs. It is possible to have great doctrine, and remain a mess. Our greatest need is to become believing, believers who actually believe. To move from mere mental assent to actually believing God we need to turn our spiritual guns from rebuking circumstances and aim instead at our own unbelief. We need to understand that hopelessness is rooted and perpetuated by believing lies. Lies about God, ourselves, others and our circumstances. To see big impossible God dreams fulfilled a core priority is to go after personal and corporate hopelessness. Once this happens it's impossible for things to remain the same. 

Jamie Lee, 03/09/2017