Hope is the confident expectation that God’s good is coming. Hope is the overall confident optimistic expectation about the future based on the nature of God’s goodness, and His promises. Hopelessness about a circumstance is always a bigger problem than the circumstance itself. Agreement with a lie creates a belief and becomes a greater blockage for transformation than the circumstance itself.

“Every area of our life not glistening with hope means we are believing a lie, and that area of our life is a stronghold of the enemy.” Francis Frangipane, The Three Battlegrounds.

Undergirding both the individual believer and a local churches capacity to fulfil the apostolic assignment and bring transformation to an area is the amount of hope and joy that is carried. Truth believed ignites hope, and lies embraced undermines hope and joy.

Transformation happens inside out, we export what we personally enjoy. There is great simplicity in the call to simply overflow the hope we personally enjoy (Romans 15:15).

Jamie Lee, 20/08/2017