Hope isn’t an emotion that is worked up, rather hope is birthed as we change what we believe. As we begin to believe truth from the core, our emotions will align with Heavens perspective. A lack of hope is rooted in believing wrong stuff about God, believing in a tiny God, that there are personality traits, circumstances and people that are bigger than Him. We need to learn to go against what some of our emotions are telling us.

Just because something feels true doesn’t mean that it is. Most of the time emotions follow what we believe. To see the mind renewed to a hope mindset may require us to hear a truth over and over again. The more you hear something, the more you believe.

The transition from mental ascent to full agreement is crucial. In Numbers 13 we read that Joshua and Caleb didn’t just have mental ascent agreement with God’s prophetic promise about giving the land but actually considered it as absolute truth. This transformed their outlook on the land, the giants and themselves. Romans 15:15 says we will have all joy in believing, thus if a mindset, outlook or conclusion isn’t producing hope and joy then its not God’s truth and perspective.

The Kingdom is not primarily moved forward by action but by what we believe. (Galatians 3:5). We should be less concerned about asking “Lord, tell me what to do” and instead ask “Lord tell me what to believe.

Hope that is bigger than our circumstances originates from God, biblical hope is about banking on God, not yourself, your intelligence, your money, or your job. Hope is the work of the Holy Spirit, we do not create it. The source is not our personality, it's not about trying harder to get our act together and develop a positive attitude. Ultimately it is The Holy Spirit who creates faith in the promises, He is the one who says says live, and gives us revelation.  As we feed ourself with truth and receive the gift of believing it from the core, God's hope pushes out all negative emotions, discouragement, fear, anxiety, grumbling, and bitterness.  Hope does not coexist well with these things.

Jamie Lee, 06/08/2017