When unpleasant things come along, when our dream seems hindered or blocked there is the very real temptation to anticipate the threat upon our future and retreat from joy and embrace anxiety.
When difficulty, set-back, hurdles and disappointment impacts our life we need to remember not to retreat from our joy, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, elation, ecstatic delight in God.
We mustn't treat joy as something we can lay aside and forget. Rather guard joy in God as the most precious thing in our life. Do not allow anxiety to distract from Holy Spirit the source of delight. Instead translate threat, need, hurdles, worry into prayerful worship. Be glad, rejoice, be full of gratitude before God. Anticipate His goodness and redemptive power breaking in.
“Being joyful is not a matter of personality. It’s a godly mindset. We need to establish a stronghold of joy in our lives in order to be victorious in trying times. Where there’s no hope for the future there is no power for the present. When we have abounding hope, it propels us into the things that God has for us.” (Steve Backlund- Abounding Hope)
When a we lose hope about a situation and conclude a position cannot be sustained that is the beginning of defeat. Defeat doesn’t start in the circumstances but in the mind and the conclusions we come to. If we are at a level in our life or ministry where we can’t serve with joy then we are stuck. If we can’t be glad serving now, we certainly won’t be glad serving then. To guard joy we need to resist 'destination disease', not saying I will be thankful and joyful when this or that happens. Practicing gratitude for what we have is a powerful means of cultivating joy.
Joy comes to us in moments-ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary. Daring Greatly, Brené Brown, 2015 

Jamie Lee, 25/11/2018