God is good isn’t just a theological statement, a revelation of His goodness changes the way we dream with Him, prophesy, evangelise, preach, and make disciples. A testimony about His goodness invites the listener into an encounter with His goodness. A revelation of His goodness causes us to be more belief focussed than conduct focussed. His goodness delivers us from performance and the fear of punishment. (Romans 10:10).

The goodness of God is not a new revelation, but actually believing its implications is. Theories of His goodness don’t work when we find ourselves under pressure. Each believer must have their own revelation of His goodness. We can’t live for long on other peoples conviction and revelation. We need both a revelation of the Fathers heart and a sure foundation that He is good.

The revelation of God's goodness creates an expectation that we are going to taste that He is good everyday, living with the hope that we will taste the goodness of God in the land of the living (Psalm 27). His goodness ignites the confident expectation that He can work everything together for good, that He wastes nothing and uses everything for our maturity.

The expectation we can taste and see now His goodness brings freedom from despair and hopelessness. His goodness creates expectation and anticipation. A good understanding of His nature, that He is 100% good is wonderfully restorative, redemptive and refreshing (Psalm 23). Seeing His goodness is a powerful means of God leading us to change our minds (repent) about how we see God, ourself, others and our circumstances (Romans 2:4). 

Jamie Lee, 11/03/2018