I choose thanksgiving 

No one, and no circumstances can make us respond negativity. Even if a dream isn't going too well, and there's not too much encouragement surrounding it these things cannot forcibly make us miserable. Likewise a dream fulfilled cannot make us happy. Both the positive and the negative can influence, but ultimately we choose what we believe. We cannot legitimately say this dream delayed has made me exhausted, dismayed, and pessimistic, rather we have chosen to conclude something because of the unplanned pace and place. The lens we have chosen to interpret the world through has led to the emotions experienced. 

What if on our dream list we decided that contentment, gratitude, and thanksgiving were characteristics we would like to see developed? Instead of waiting for a thankful feeling to someday show up what if we made it our dream to actively cultivate it? 
God doesn't do magic. Yes He touches our life in power, then we follow through with process. Just because the fruit of the Spirit are rooted in relationship and promise doesn't mean there isn't a fight for them, a new disposition requires activity, action, and fighting. 
It takes time to cultivate a consistently in expressing gratitude and thanksgiving. It takes time to demolish an old way of thinking like discontentment, especially when we have been entertaining it and hosting it for ages. It's like trying to change the direction of a gyroscope, initially you can feel the resistance, because historically all the momentum has been going in one direction.  

Everything we do and say starts as a thought. Romans 12:2 tells us that we can actually be transformed into a new person by changing the way we think, and renewing the mind is a lifestyle, not a one-time activity

It takes between 30-90 days to learn a new habit, at first it feels risky because it threatens the status quo. But if you stay with it the dream to be content, thankful, and grateful you will overtime overcome the resistance, the new thought will eventually become a habit, which will take minimal energy to maintain. Thanksgiving etc will have its own momentum.  

Jamie Lee, 18/06/2017