Dreaming with GOD 

It is almost impossible to develop a relationship of intimacy, connection, awe and trust with Father God without dreaming with Him. God loves it when our confidence in Him causes us to ask and expect great things of Him.

Orphans in contrast to sons have a mindset that causes them to see the world through the lens of scarcity. They approach needs, goals, dreams from the perspective of there isn’t enough and I need to do everything by myself in isolation. Orphans are very much like soldiers and servants. They have very little experience of expressing their dreams, needs and wants, not knowing how to make a demand upon an intimate relationship with God. Instead orphans look for orders, instructions.

Dreaming is spiritual intensive care for orphans. Dreaming is an invitation from the Father to share with Him, what we love, what we find beautiful, and what makes our heart beat faster. Our royal identity as adopted sons is made most pronounced when we practically realise we have legal access to ask with confidence. That God has enough resources to practically provide, and sufficient wisdom to make a way for us to produce something full of integrity, excellence and creativity.

Dreaming with God facilitates us coming closer to God. It’s where we stop valuing only what we think we ought to value, and instead communicate who we truly are. As we risk being authentic and vulnerable with God, entrusting what we find precious, we find ourselves trusting Him in an increasingly profound way.

Trust is made manifest as we resist putting God in a box. Refusing to Dictate to Him how He needs to work this dream out. Rather we communicate our dreams and trust His wisdom, creativity, pace and redemptive power. In every circumstance, even if it seems to contradict our dreams we choose to look to His kindness and faithfulness. This will keep our heart soft, allowing us to overcome disappointment. Trusting Him deeply means not allowing unmet expectations, I had my heart set on this, I counted on this happening, I just thought it would work out differently to lead to disconnection.

Dreaming means we yield, surrender and trust in His goodness. In the midst of unmet expectations we choose to say “I know that you are good and I trust you”

The Father loves it when we relate to Him like that.


Jamie Lee, 19/03/2017