From Frustration to Pleasure *

If you view God as your servant He will frustrate and disappoint you forever. But if you choose to be His servant you will constantly be amazed. When you become frustrated with God and His pace it is because you think God serves you. When you make the adjustment to yield to His promises and purposes you get protected from the things that hinder, violate, and block a deep relationship with God. If God's promises over your life don't lead you to trust Him then they will lead you to entitlement. God's promises should always lead to a relationship of trust in God, with the byproduct of relationship being the miracle, the provision and the breakthrough. God is most frustrating when you think He has to do what you say. And He is most pleasing to you when you simply trust Him.

*Bill Johnson's Talk, at Bethel Church, Redding, Sunday February 21, am service.

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Jamie Lee, 23/04/2017