Defeating introspection

If we are growing there is always going to be a gap between what we are currently experiencing and where we are going, and what He has promised. The gap is not a sign of failure and weakness, rather its simply the sign of the fact are we going somewhere and we are not there yet. It’s a good thing to see further than you currently are, that’s the Lord calling you onwards and upwards.

A deadly response to the gap between your purpose and your current reality is introspection, looking to find the root problem inside yourself. 

Introspection kills because it turns our attention from loving and trusting God and places it upon ourself. Introspection is about trying to find things inside ourself to fix so that we become qualified to inherit God’s promises. This is the wrong approach to growing in maturity. 

If you constantly look at yourself you are going to get hopeless, your hope isn’t in yourself it’s in the finished work of the cross. Yes it’s good to allow Holy Spirit to show you areas you need to grow in, but that can’t be where you spend most of your time. Most of your time needs to be spend celebrating who you are in Christ, and what Jesus has done. His complete victory, Christ and the cross are the truths that produce confidence before God as a gift, leading to devotion to God and being continuously captivated by His love.

Even when God is bringing transformation and correction it always brings who He is. Life is always attached to His voice. Saviours don’t accuse and focus upon pointing out faults, rather they rescue. God always brings hope and motivation, He never leaves you de-motivated, despairing and heavy.

Don’t take yourself so seriously, relax. Hunger for God mustn’t lead to being harsh and self critical. 

'Unstring your bow'. If a bow isn’t unstrung and relaxed, and stored for periods straight, it conforms to the bow shape and no longer has any tension in it, and consequently diminished strength.  To grow you need to learn to rest enjoy and grab the aspects and moments of life in front of you.


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Jamie Lee, 25/03/2018