Humility is not for the believer to focus on their insufficiency and inadequacy, rather humility is the agreement with God’s assessment and promise, however impossible it appears.

A preoccupation with ones limitation is actually a manifestation of unbelief in God’s enabling grace. Being skeptical and rejecting grace can actually slow down what God intends to do. The assignment, purpose and dream He has entrusted is not inevitable. It requires our partnership with God. God has imagined things He would love to do in and through us, but in His sovereignty He has decided He won’t do it without our co-labouring.

Our thinking can hinder the flow of grace. It doesn’t mean He has removed that grace, but our mindset is preventing the full manifestation of His enabling grace. It’s like having a million pounds in the bank and never making any withdrawals. Unbelief prevents us making a demand upon God’s grace. Our God given assignment will bring us into impossible situations, and if we don’t draw on His grace, and instead only focus upon our weakness and fragility we won’t realise that we carry favour, and that in Christ we have been fully equipped with everything needed to bring Heaven to earth.

In the film Creed, Rocky Balboa says, “you see this guy here? (asks Creed to look in the mirror at himself) That’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to face.” Our biggest issue is not found in our circumstances, but in our unbelief regarding God’s assessment. We must resist any violation of His grace, and choose to trust His confirmation and affirmation.

Allow God to speak to you His good report. Let Him share with you His love, favour and affection. God’s words impart strength and give you back your nerve to dream again.

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Jamie Lee, 27/05/2018