Four healthy heart motivations for giving (1):

Obedience: Again and again the Bible speaks about the importance and priority of us giving of our material wealth. In light of this, giving is an obedience issue. Who will be king? Will it be King Jesus or King Me?

Joy: In 2 Corinthians 9:7 the Apostle Paul says, 'for God loves a cheerful giver'. This is wonderful, and safeguards us from cold and dead religious duty. Give because your heart is saturated with joy!

Sacrifice: King David said: 'I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing.' (2 Samuel 24:24b). 

Mission: Give to the mission that God has put us on together. Everything we do as a church is funded through the sacrificial giving of people who are part of this church. So please give to the mission.

Each one of these motivations work together, so you need to find the place where obedience, joy, sacrifice and mission collide and overlap.

(1) Based on a blog written by Adam Bradley. Adam works full-time for Life Church, where he leads the eldership team. He and Lorna moved to Peterborough in December 2009. Before joining Life Church they lived in Attleborough (Norfolk) where they planted Christ Community Church. Prior to that they lived in a variety of places from Central London to Sheffield. Life church

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Jamie Lee, 17/09/2017