Cultural transformation begins in the individuals heart and their one on one interaction's with God. It’s as people become transformed by God's compassion, confirmation, affirmation, acceptance that heart's will overflow with praises, thanksgiving and kindness. Individuals inner culture shifts as they turn from listening to a harsh critical voice, to God's kind, patient and loving voice. God's voice shifts the heart from irritation, frustration and anger to one of grace, kindness, gratitude and thanks giving. To transform a region we start from seeing our own individual inner world transformed by His goodness. As individuals lean into JOY, and HOPE, and God's LOVE, the whole local church community becomes flavoured by thanksgiving, and gratitude. As Joy and Hope increase in the local church it will inevitably begin to leak out into surrounding communities.

Living to Bring Heaven to Earth isn’t a programme, nor is it a strategy. Rather its a dynamic relationship with God that leads to overflowing the reality of God’s promise "I will be with you". 

Jamie Lee, 13/05/2018