Changing your focus 

A great way to take your walk with God to the next level is to manage what you focus on. For example instead of being preoccupied with your perception of lack, weakness, and limitation what if you chose to focus only upon the implications and possibilities housed in the reality of Christ in you. Imagine what would be unlocked if your only preoccupation was understanding and embracing this powerhouse truth.

You are not striving for this to become true, it is true from the moment you come to Christ. In striving you deny what is your current reality. God doesn't dwell in a special place, or monument you are that special place. God dwells inside the believer, whatever you do, and wherever you go He is fully with you. Separation, distance, and disconnection are simply impossible.

Embracing this revelation launches a whole new way of life. Christ in the believer means that the church carry solutions, ideas, answers and dreams for every problem known to humanity. All wisdom, power, and creativity, actually dwells in you because you house the fullness of God.

Jesus had a solution for every type of problem, sickness, disease, financial issue, natural disaster, food shortage, sin and death. He never said when facing a problem, need or question, "I don't know what to do". 

Seeing the reality of Christ in overflow to the world around you doesn't start by striving to be more courageous, bold, and confident. Rather the starting point is simply recognising and believing that you have the fullness of God dwelling in you right now. The key for breakthrough in every area of your life is your recognition that God is here with you and in you.

God wants to demonstrate the reality of His fullness in you, by doing great things in and through you. He wants to answer the issues that impact the people around you, through you. 

Because Christ is in you, you carry solutions, wisdom, creativity, breakthroughs. First drink deep of the hope, joy, peace, happiness, and soul harmony found in the truth, then anticipate that His indwelling reality will impact the things around you.

Don't become distracted and overwhelmed by how much needs to be done. But like Nehemiah, focus on the wall in front of you. Look for Christ in you to bring light, hope, restoration, reconciliation, solutions, advancement, healing and wisdom to the areas you have influence and responsibility for.

Begin to dream with God about what it would look like for Christ in you to impact the people, situations and circumstances around you. Don't dream small, if Christ is in you, then your dreams are in Christ. Imagine His authority, power, wisdom, and creativity working through your dream's being realised.


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Jamie Lee, 27/06/2016