Culture and dreaming 

A core dimension of big world changing dreams is the call to serve society, and to be the flavour of heaven in culture. (Matthew 5:13-16). But in order to transform culture we first must see transformation of our heart culture. Heart culture is much more than a good idea but a way of life- It's a dream saturated with heaven’s lived out norms, values priorities, behaviour, language, social habits lived out on earth. 

The invisible foundation of culture is BELIEFS.  Merely repeating ideas means nothing. You don't really believe a truth until your behaviour, emotions, and words line up. When dreaming with God we often only focus on doing something better, gritted teeth, white knuckles, rather than look at what we actually believe.  Ask yourself  “if I really believed that truth what would my life look like?”. It is NOT a life of trying harder to get your act together. The starting point for your dream is not new circumstances but a new set of beliefs. 

Heart culture is the launch pad for the realisation of your dream. To see culture established we need to understand that Culture shift must be rooted in IDENTITY not PERFORMANCE. Our current experience with our dream doesn't define us. Identity does. We are choosing to agree with God over what we see. We are GROWING UP to be like our Father. “That in seeing us and hearing us they meet the Father. That’s the great assignment. That’s the only real calling”. (Paul Manuring, LDP 1, Family 2016).

I was already all I could hope to be, because I was in Christ. All my striving to become had actually hidden the truth from me, because in striving to become, I was denying who I already was. (Ted Dekker, Waking Up, How I found my faith by losing it.)

Out of beliefs comes intentionality. In dreaming with God it is essential that you see yourself as a cultural architect. Look at the beliefs, and circumstances that surround your God dream and be intentional. Look at how you might specifically dismantle, remove everything that stops the seed of your dream growing (Including the little trees and saplings that sprout up around). Celebrate process and progress.  "Every film sucks at first, It’s always a work in process”. Pixar Animation.

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Jamie Lee, 08/04/2018