Turning Problems into dreams 

God loves it when we dream because it places a demand on his goodness and is an opportunity for his glory to be displayed more in the earth.

Mark 6 v 30-44  

Context Jesus had exhorted the 12 to go and rest. Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest awhile. They got in a boat. They had just been on their first ministry trip without Jesus. V12 so they went out and proclaimed that people should repent and they cast out many demons and anointed with oil many who were sick and healed them.  Jesus placed a priority on rest and time alone in solitude. He knew that it was in the private place that you cried out for breakthrough and in the public place you look for places where the extravagant Father wants to invade a situation. 

Even though He and the disciples had set out to rest the crowds were so hungry for his teaching they went by land to the place where their  boat would arrive! So although Jesus had set out to rest His compassion for the people led him to minister. His teaching then led to experience and encounter for the crowds.  We must let our heart connection with Holy Spirit be the thing that dictates our actions not our head knowledge that's what we call living by the Spirit.

After he had been teaching a long time the disciples came to Jesus with a problem.
It was getting late they were in a remote place and the people needed food.

The disciples gave Jesus their solution 
Send people home to go and buy food 

The disciples saw a need but they didn't dream about how it could be met – they just immediately lowered their thinking to earthly wisdom (they need to go to the shop and get food). Even though they had just been in a wonderful ministry trip and seen people set free healed and saved their thinking still needed an upgrade!  When we focus on the need rather than the provider of the need  we will be left with inferior solutions that will not provide opportunity for the superior Kingdom to break in and for God to be glorified .

Jesus is always wanting to upgrade our thinking - he only wants us to have His thoughts.
He helps the disciples by saying " you give them something to eat "

When we are faced with a problem we must be real about it, be real about the problem in the natural and then be real about it as you line it up with heaven, who your Dad is and who you are. Be real about how you are perceiving it . If it's worrying you be real about that and give God your anxiety. Be real about how God is perceiving it.  Find the scriptures and promises that will show you Gods perspective.Pray these scriptures meditate on them. Speak them out over your situation  This will help you dream about the solution.

As your thinking lines up with Gods you will find it easier to dream about the outcome of your problem. You can ask yourself,  how will more of heaven come through this difficulty? 
How can the outcome to this problem reveal more of God' s goodness?  What are the testimonies that could come from this test ? 

As sons and daughters we always have an unfair advantage in every difficulty it's called grace!  How can I embrace the mystery of God and consequently grow in my trust of His goodness? 

When Jesus said to the disciples, "You give them something to eat" it was a very significant question. I'd like to suggest that Jesus was beginning to give them responsibility and empower them to deal with situations. They had just been out doing this on their ministry trip but now Jesus was back on the scene they were deferring to him. It doesn't say this in scripture but I did wonder if he wanted the disciples to step up a level in seeing the miraculous happen through them.

I believe sometimes our difficulties and problems come to us with an upgrade attached  - an upgrade to live more from our identity as sons of God, an opportunity to see more of heaven in our situations.

The disciples found 5 loaves and 2 fish and at this point Jesus knew the disciples needed to experience and see more of the miraculous in order for their thinking to be upgraded! 
He did want them to help and partner with him though, so he asked them to sit the people down in groups ready for the big picnic that was about to take place. 

What's your problem today? As you line yourself up with Gods thinking what are you dreaming will be the solution to your problem?  What can you do to prepare and partner with Father? 

How are you preparing for Gods solution to your problem?  Once the disciples had found out what resources they did have for the problem they gave them to Jesus and he blessed them. Focus on what you do have and what you are able to do. Ask father to bless what you have. Be faithful with what you have. Look at what you do have even if it's just a few pound a week you can put them towards your dream. Give that to God and then see what He will do .

Jesus then acted in faith. He just started breaking up the bread and fish and getting the disciples to administer it. What risk or step of faith is Father inviting you to take as you partner with him for a miracle ? 

Patnering with excess. God is a God of abundance and excess. If then though you are evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your Heavenly Father give good gifts to those that ask him. Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think according to the power at work in us (Ephesians 3 v 20). Matthew tells us in his account of this miracle that the disciples collected up 12 baskets of left overs after everyone was full up! Maybe it was just to document the miracle and enable the people there to experience the abundance and excess of the miracle which revealed Gods abundant provision and kindness to us . 

Practical application 

They all ate and were satisfied,  It's always the heart of the Father for his children to be satisfied in every area? What areas of life are you thriving in and what areas are you just surviving. What is your dream for the areas where you feel like you are just keeping your head above water? 

With your thinking lined up with Gods How could this change? 
What resources do you already have that can help? What have you already got that could be part of the solution? Are there any actions you could take this week towards your dream of thriving more in that area? Bless what you already have thank God for it, and ask Him to speak increase over it. Let's see what the father will do  

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Jamie Lee, 09/05/2016