Why is it important to remember the testimonies?

Testimonies reveal the nature of God (Deut 6:17). Testimonies are part of our inheritance (Ps 119:111, Heb 13:8,  Acts 10:34). Testimonies come with the promise that He will do it again! Testimonies carry supernatural life as the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy(John 6:63, Rev 19:10). 

As we speak, we prophecy life and it carries creative power to bring what is declared into being. As we are waiting for our breakthrough, we protect our hearts, we rejoice with others and remind ourselves of the testimonies.

So we create a culture of remembering the testimonies by: keeping accounts, using memorial stones, meditating on the goodness and faithfulness of our God and recalling His testimony, and sharing the good news with people around us as deliberate creative act!

Help us by filling out a Share Your Story card or by emailing the church at

Only report what happened that can be verified.

Be specific: WHO? WHAT is the problem? WHY? WHEN did it start? AFTER PRAYER what happened?
Are you giving us permission to use the testimony? 

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Jamie Lee, 02/05/2016