Words are powerful 

It is impossible to move forward in faith without changing our words. A vital key to maturity is how we speak. To go forward in our faith we need to speak in a way that alligns with Heaven and God's perspective of ourselves, others and our circumstances. The wise believer embraces the spiritual law of words and get's that law to work for them. (Proverbs 18, Galations 6) We can do this by first discovering in the Bible how God see's us, what He has planned for us and then choosing to only speak words that allign with God's reality and perpective. 

Words are powerful (James 3). Words are actually spiritual forces. In John 6:63 Jesus said “my words are spirit and life’. The mature person can steer and direct their whole life through the words they speak. You can tell where you are heading just by listening to your own words. Become a student of your words, listen to yourself for one whole day. Maybe even make a log of what you say. Words reveal your heart. What you really believe will eventually come out of your mouth. What a man thinks in His heart so is He. Become a student of your own words. Are your words full of hope, optimism, joy, gratitude and thanks giving. Or are they laced with irritation, frustration and complaining? We reap tomorrow what we sowed through our words today.  You can lead your life into your prophetic calling through your words. Speak about yourself and where you are heading by choosing words that line up with what God says. Make a list of declarations that match your call. For example if you feel called to evangelism declare "people get saved when I talk to them about Jesus"  You are empowered to deliberately choose your words because self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, we are not like any other person, we have God inside. 

Have you ever walked in a room and you immediately picked up on the negative atmosphere? Maybe people have been moaning criticising and complaining. It is true that words of negativity can start a destructive fire, just begin to imagine what Godly words could create and unlock? Words really are powerful containers of spirit and life. Ephesians 4:29 God inhabits our words. Rides on our words. There is a force in our words, because of this powerful reality speak truth over yourself, let the words you use to describe yourself and others be gracious, gentle and kind, intentionally speak life and grace. Don’t wait for a good positive feeling to come over you to speak  truth over yourself and others.

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Jamie Lee, 23/12/2018