Lead by his loving eye 

Psalm 32:8-9. God's commitment can be summed up in His promise "I will stay close you". Connection, intimacy, and being close is His commitment, promise and priority. Paul says in Acts 17 that God is not far from any of us. As we respond to His desire to stay close, and position ourselves to seek, reach we will absolutely find Him. You don’t have to be desperate to encounter God, He’s not an abusive Father who withholds Himself. He wants us to know that He is close and that each and every person is seen, heard, valued by Him.

This Psalm also tells us that He is committed to instruct, guide, advise and lead. His promise to guide, lead and instrust liberates us from having to feel we need to understand and get everything for ourselves. Trusting in God's ability to lead brings freedom from the need to predict and control everything. Equally knowing that He has promised to guide brings release from feeling we have to strain to hear. Jesus says in John 10 that my sheep know my voice. In other words the responsibility to be heard is His. As the good shepherd He has the power, wisdom and capacity to overcomes our deafness. You don't ever need to fear missing his instruction.

God wants to express His leadership by leading us with His loving eye. God doesn’t lead through fear control punishment or, intimidation. Rather it's a relationship of Just one look. Through intimacy and connection He promises to lead. The question for us is will we adjust simply by catching His eye. Will we allow Him to lead us along a path we’ve never been? New paths that offer  new possibilities and fresh freedom. Will we respond to His eye, His subtle instructions, or will we be difficult and stubborn? Refusing His eye and saying:-

"I’m not comfortable thinking like that, doing that, that’s not my personality.  I don't want to forgive. I don’t have enough to be generous. I still need that to numb my pain, I won’t let go of that". If we refuse His eye, love can also tug and pull us along. Reaping and sowing can be the spiritual law that will lead us like a farmer leads an animal. (Galatians 6 Hebrews 12)  It's not punishment, it is not God intimidating or controlling us. We simply have to know that being led by His subtle instructions, or being stubborn and difficult both produce there own harvest. We have the freedom to choose.

If you plants seeds of non responsiveness to His loving eye, choosing instead to be stubborn and difficult these decisions will produce fruit in our lives of frustration, irritation, joylessness, hopelessness, and restriction. This fruit pulls us back to choose again connection, closeness and intimacy.  Love can tug and pull us for our good. If we find ourself harvesting fruit planted by seeds of being subborn and difficult, God says "Just come with me, choose again to prioritise, connection, and intimacy, and being lead again by my loving eye".

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Jamie Lee, 07/03/2016