Living your dreams in 2016 

5 keys to Dreaming with God by Joy Barham  

Dream from a position of rest. it's important not to view dreaming as something I "should" be doing. Our dreams flow from creative thinking - thinking outside of the box . Being at peace with yourself and God is a prerequisite to dreaming.

2. Once you are sitting in your Father's lap and feeling His smile over your life and the good things He has in store you are ready to dream! 
Think about each area of your life - marriage, family, friendships, work, ministry etc and ask the question " am I thriving or just surviving in this area?"

What would it look like to thrive in each of these areas?
What would it look like for each of these areas to reflect heaven? 

What you come up with will be your dreams!

3. As you write these down be aware of which ones you feel most excited or hopeful about. Your excitement will help you choose the dream to start acting towards .

4. Action time! Ask Holy Spirit to drop ideas into your mind about actions you could take next week to help you begin living this dream .
Write these actions down in your diary or on your Do list

5. Share your dream and actions with a friend . Choose a friend who will champion you in your dream and encourage you with your actions!
Jamie Lee, 01/01/2016