Reaping and sowing 


Judges 6-7. Israel was oppressed, humiliated, and suffering from a self-induced Inability to establish a future. So they cried out to the Lord for help. Israel had sowed to rebellion and consequently reaped a harvest of loss. Sowing certain seeds always leads to a certain crop Galatians 6:10, (although in the gospel we see the great revearsal of this principal, we actually reap what Jesus sowed and gain the harvest that He merited) Reaping and sowing is a spiritual law, just like gravity is a natural law.  Galatians 6:8 if you sow to hatred, jealousy, rage, selfish ambition it produces a particular destructive and imprionsing harvest. Unforgiveness Matthew 18:35 leads to Torment, hateful thoughts, and self poisoning. Ephesians 4:27 Unresolved anger gives darkness a place of influence.

Despite what we sow He always Hears our cry for help. He will speak directly to His child and bring a diagnosis,  He points us to the lie we have believed, and gives a revelation of the seeds we are sowing. Then He brings truth for transformation. Judges 6:12 The Lord is with you. A revelation of Identity. Mighty Warrior. Intimacy and identity establish courage. 1 Peter 2:9.’ You are so that you may’

Repentance always looks like something. Judges 6:25. Tear and cut down the entry point. Romans 12:2 Do not conform Be transformed. Taking a thought captive,  attack it, capture it, and make it submit. There's some violence involved. False beliefs have emotions attached to them, that will scream when attacked. Must change the seed to change the fruit. Embrace process and expect the sudden breakthrough.

Some of our hopes in God are blocked because we haven’t been obedient to the last thing he said.  Need to be like King David and first have secret place victories, to be obedient to the thing he has placed in front of us, while no one was watching David fought the lion and the bear. Then he fought Galliath in the public arena. Look to sow private victories first, its private faithfulfulness that makes a way for the public victory.

Gideons act of obedience in front of 10 undermined the stronghold in the lives of others. Judges 6:31 If Baal is god he can defend himself. Gideons obedience was a  catalyst for a national breakthrough. 

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Jamie Lee, 30/09/2017