Finding a solution

Father God Says To You...

"You are a person who loves to find solutions, you are always looking for a way where there seems to be no way. You are creative and energetic in finding my way through seemingly impossible situations.You'll see Moses and Red Sea moments. Take comfort in the fact that in order to see my solution you first must have to have an impossible situation that requires an impossible break through. You have to have a dead area to have a resurrection. Remember with a word I can make something out of nothing. My word creates reality. I want you to be convinced I'm going to do it. This truth is igniting hope and increasing  the level of me released through you. Be overwhelmed with who I am. I'm so confident of victory I really don't care what the odds are. I always know what to do. Stand still and watch me win this one. The battle is mine.  Because you are in Christ you are invited to see yourself as bigger than any mountain you are facing. Let's paint this picture together. It's more fun when you lay down what's it's going to look like, and we paint together something that is beyond what you could paint or imagine. Simply embrace me and what I do. I'm forming a child like cry in you, "what's next papa"?  

Jamie Lee, 21/12/2015