It is extremely difficult to move forward in faith without changing your words. You can tell where you are going  by listening to your words. Words direct our lives towards what we speak. James 3:2 if we can control our words we can direct our whole life. You can lead yourself into your God given purpose through your words. Declare where you are going.  
Intentional speaking is part of encouraging yourself and strengthening yourself in the Lord. Release life and grace over yourself by declaring where you are going in God.

Faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17)  You need to hear something to believe something. To be different I need to hear something different. Words that agree with God. What we hear repeatedly creates our belief system. Speaking so you hear, a tool to be transformed. Preach good news to yourself.  The songs we sing on Sunday need to be the things we say everyday.

(Joshua 1:8) Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth. Joshua you have a job that is bigger than you, so speak. Non stop speaking of truth. Speaking was a strategy to gain courage to inherit the promised land.


Jamie Lee, 23/11/2015