THE POWER OF WORDS (preach notes)

Proverbs 18v21. Words are powerful. We know death is in the power of the tongue but we have given little attention to the superior and more powerful truth that LIFE is in the power of the tongue. Life is in the power of the tongue, this is a spiritual law. This truth can work for us or against us. The words we speak create an atmosphere where both ourself and people thrive.

Ephesians 4:29 (ESV) Words impart Grace, build up, and encourage. Words are are an empowerment to enable people to do God’s will. Words are containers of grace. Literally our words contain the grace and life to empower what we are saying. Words Impart strength.  Words give courage and capacity to do what a person hasn't previously done.

As we believe that life is passed on through our words we will begin to speak on purpose. We will have a new emphasis upon the words we speak. What we speak gets activated. You can release people into their future by intentional speaking. What you say carries weight. Be convinced your words make a difference.

Words create life and release life. Consider Abraham, Romans 4:17 God called Him by a new name, (exalted father became father of the multitutde) and hearing himself called by a new name was key to him inheriting the promise of God . Words Release people into their purpose by calling them what they are before they are living it. Words are key to unlocking people. Igniting expectation.  Gaining Heaven’s perspective. 

Prophesy is encouragement under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Become the biggest thanker and encourager. 

Jamie Lee, 16/11/2015