Vision sunday part one (preach notes) 

When you find your church family you easily find your purpose, purpose is that thing God prepared in advance for you to run with. When Nehemiah (Nehemiah chapter one) Hears about the trouble, disgrace, and state of the city (140 years earlier Jeruselem had been brought to ruins) he finds his purpose. Vision is often birthed in what moves our heart. As we Look for problems in SE18, as we look for people to bring hope to, the problems that need solutions, people who need healing to, and breakthrough we will find circumstances that move our heart, that thing that burns and makes our heart beat faster is from God. "I must see Heaven invade that..." Nehemiah says 2v12 “What God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem. God has said to us as a local church "If you want it you can have it” You are called See SE18 through a better pair of eyes, the eyes of Faith.

Nehemiah says "Send me so I can rebuild it”. Vision guides all his future decisions, Courage and ability to resist the enemy, and overcome discouragement. Vision capapults him on a 900 mile journey, four months of travelling. When he arrives there is plenty of evidence to discourage, weaken, undermine, disturb, yet that initial commissing from God keeps him focussed and on track.

CCK is called to take His love to the place where there's only rubble, ruin. To do this we must have a personal sustaining word from God. I'm doing this because I chose to obey His voice. We mustn't complain and be overwhelmed by the distress, brokenness and chaos. Our assignment is located in the context of burnt stones, broken walls, hopelessness and distress. We are to bring Heaven to earth through simplicity and diligence. Process is our gift to Him, we get to express trust in Him as we journey together.

2v10 The enemy was very disturbed. His rule is threatened.  Vision, favour, provision will provoke the enemy. "Send me to rebuild" brings Nehemiah into the context of conflict. Nothing strange is happening when opposition arises in response to Kingdom advance.

Jesus is the greater Nehemiah sent to repair, rebuild, and restore us. The Hebrew name Nehemiah means Comforter. Holy Spirit is the ultimate comforter who empowers our participation, in the process of trusting, believeing, accepting, applying Jesus' victory.  

Jamie Lee, 26/10/2015