Father God says to you this week.

"I am not a cruel joke God. Dear child, you will never have abiding hope if you believe I am a cruel joke God. It’s a revelation of my love that changes everything. If you believe something wrong about me, the result will be hopelessness. You need to know I love you, I’m for you, I really do intervene on your behalf. It’s in this reality that you will experience not being afraid of anything. I am for you, I will act on your behalf, I'm always positioning you for success, I will open doors for you. I would never put a dream on your heart, and then never let you do it, I am setting you up, and opening doors for what you are made for. You don’t have to be perfect in order for me to be satisfied and bless and promote your life, and answer prayer. Take your eyes off you, renounce the lie that says the reason break through hasn’t arrived is because you are failing, it doesn’t all rest on you being perfect in order for me to open the doors, and bring the promotion. Take your eyes off yourself!! You don’t have to be fully content in order for me to let you out of this season. Yes have life, hope and joy in every season, but I’m not withholding my goodness until you actually do something enough to win my affection". (Based on a talk given by Abi Stumvoll, Culture of Hope. PERSONAL JOURNEY OF HOPE, Bethel Church, Redding, August 26 2015)


Jamie Lee, 19/10/2015