Romans 15:13 tells us that every believer can overflow with Hope, biblical hope is the optimistic Confident expectation that God's good is coming. Hope is not an emotion that is worked up, although it can certainly impact our emotions, nor is it only something that can be enjoyed by certain personality types. 

If you want to leave joylessness, restlessness and hopelessness, you first must change what you believe. Lack of joy, peace, hope isn’t caused by your circumstances, or people. Rather hope is birthed as we repent of the wrong beliefs that hinder our confidence and trust in God. Every area of our lives where we believe truth, we become free. Every area where we believe lies, we live in restriction and limitation.  That means that our spiritual guns need to be facing inwards at our own beliefs rather than projecting the problem on people, circumstance or demons. This is very freeing and liberating because it's a revelation that confronts us with the wonderful truth 'I am not a victim, I am responsible for me, and I get to choose hope'

NOW and TODAY you can have hope.  The moment we believe and trust Him is the moment we get filled with Holy Spirit supernatural hope.The more truth we believe, (we know we are believing when our emotions line up with what we say we believe) the more hope we will enjoy.  

Hope and joy flow together. Hope IS living with joyful expectation. He’s the God of all Hope. Nothing is impossible with God. There is no problem bigger than God. These bones can live, this sea can part. Today is a good day for a miracle, a solution, a break through. Biblcal hope leads to Overflow, and the person with the most hope in any environment has the most Influence 

Go beyond simply waiting for the situation to be changed. Pressing into Him is the ultimate goal, He is the God of all hope. 

Jamie Lee, 14/09/2015