Freedom and empowerment isn’t something that is first discerned and enjoyed through the natural senses.  Freedom is enjoyed, explored and embraced first and primarily by and through faith. It’s as you trust, believe and connect with His love, care, goodness, kindness, and Fathering by faith/trust that you begin to experience it in your emotions. Godly emotions follows faith.  If you wait until you feel freedom in order to live free you will rarely experience it. By faith rejoice in his care, protection and provision. By faith celebrate your freedom. Regardless of how you feel, and what you see, make the decision by faith to say He is always good.  Faith explores what is yet to come, and rejoices as though you have already received it. Faith is like a time travel machine that allows you to embrace the substance of what you hope for and rejoice in a day yet to come. Faith and hope can acknowledge reality (Romans 4:14) and yet hope against all hope. 

Jamie Lee, 13/07/2015