supernatural encounters 

Study the Book of Acts, finding the supernatural encounters that the church experienced. 

Acts 1 - The disciples are talking to angels
Acts 2 - They hear wind, they see fire above heads, they speak in tongues, and appear drunk
Acts 4 - They are having a prayer meeting and have their own private earthquake, get filled with the Holy Spirit, and receive fresh boldness.
Acts 5 - They notice that Peter’s shadow heals people
Acts 7 - Stephen see’s the Heaven’s open and see’s Jesus
Acts 8 - Philip goes to Samaria, a revival and great joy breaks out.
Acts 8 - Philip is instantly transported after sharing the gospel with the Ethiopian. 
Acts 9 - Saul sees a light, is blinded, has an encounter with Jesus.
Acts 10 - Peter falls into a trance, sees a sheet coming  down and hears a voice “rise up…” There is interaction with God within the trance.
Acts 10 - Cornelius has an angelic encounter
Acts 12 - Peter is in jail and an angel releases him
Acts 16 - Paul and Silas are in a jail worshipping at mid-night, there’s an earth quake, and all the chains fall supernaturally off.
Acts 19 - Handkerchief’s and aprons have an anointing upon them, to such a level people touched them and got healed.
Acts 20 - Paul a prisoner, is bitten by a poisonous snake, and nothing happens to him 

Jamie Lee, 06/07/2015