The Role Of Leadership 

In a non hierarchical Kingdom family, where there is a emphasis upon equality, powerful people, princes and princesses there is the still the gift of leadership. 1 Corinthians 12:28 God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets. This verse tells us that certain gifts are foundational to the church. The foundation of a building goes in first. Foundations must go in first if the building is to be held up, and be strong and stable. Apostles and prophets are fundamental to how the church functions in it’s identity and calling. 

The role of leadership is to create the ‘soil’ the environment where good things can grow. The prophet sees God’s strategy, heaven to earth. They question the status quo. The apostolic gift lays hold of the blue-print of heaven, wants to replicate heaven on earth and release the resources of heaven to fulfil the mandate of heaven. 

Leaderships role is to guard the environment, cultivate the soil, take out weeds, stones, and rocks. Encourage growth and remove things that prevent, stifle and hinder growth. Part of making this happen is the leaders own momentum that encourages and enables people to take risk, and dream dreams etc.   

Jamie Lee, 11/05/2015