Ephesians Part 3 Knowing God Better (Preach Notes) 

Ephesians 1:15-23 

Paul’s priority is seen in this prayer. These verses encourage us to be constant in this prayer too!  If you are bored in your following of Jesus, pray this. There’s always more! We mustn't settle for knowing about him. Or keeping traditions.

Knowing God more is not about trying harder, or doing better. You don’t have to perform for it. This is a gift from God. God answers according to His grace not our performance. We cannot know God personally without Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit gives intimacy and connection, opens the eyes of your heart. Holy Spirit awakens and transforms so that we can see and enjoy God. Holy Spirit gifts us with emotional engagement.

Hopelessness and powerlessness are a relational issue. If you have a revelation of His nature, His resources and His riches we get hope. (Hope is the confident expectation of good) And as we believe Him you tap into incompatible power. 
Must be fully convinced and persuaded that Holy Spirit is the absolute key. You can’t even squeeze out one fruit. Holy Spirit can do more in one hour than we could in a life time. Stop trying to finish by effort what was begun by the Spirit. Must value and esteem Holy Spirit. Walk, sow, keep in step with Him. Knowing God is our first and greatest need. Be thankful and Hungry for the more. 
Jamie Lee, 02/03/2015