Vision Sunday Part 2. The Power Of Community 

Hebrews 10:24-25 The gospel, the goodnews, the glad merry news that makes us leap for joy is about reconnection to God and with others. (v 25) All his commands are for our good and our joy. It’s not all Good when it’s just you and God. DON’T MISS THE JOY.

As a church we don’t want to build a crowd, or a programme of meetings, or even a group of friends. But a family. Family key to maturity, character, and godliness.  Family is about allowing others to have influence, and access.

To enter the joy of community we need to push past what stops you walking deeply. We don’t choose community because  it’s often messy walking deeply with imperfect people. Takes hard choices to stay in family, doesn’t bear fruit immediately, obviously and quickly. Love takes effort, sacrifice and often costs. Working through disagreements. Learning to become people who will lay their lives down for one another. Getting Wounds healed that keep us hidden.

(v 24) Stir, spur and encourage. Bring three things with you:- Water to pour on the fires of peoples fears, and petrol for their dreams, fuel  to increase their passion. Prophesy to comfort, courage and exhort, and up-lift. Bring your piece. You have something to contribute/participate. No-one is the whole picture. Be bold and pour it out. It’s like the widow’s jar of flour and jug of oil in the story of Elijah: The more she gave, the more God gave. They never ran out (1 Kings 17:16). You can’t hide your piece and expect it to manifest on it’s own. Become convinced that you make a difference. 

Love and good deeds. Our stirring, spurring and encouraging is for the World, for outflow. This is not about us, our family name, our church, it’s about something much bigger. Seeing impact starts in the simplicity of its  my job to do a good job doing my part. 

Jamie Lee, 02/02/2015