Prophetic Promise given to CCK on Sunday November 16
CCK family you are increasingly believing that you don't have to work for what comes to you as a gift.  The breakthroughs that are coming to you in these days don't come to you because it's your due, nor is it a wage, but it comes as pure gift, founded in grace (My extravagant kindness, goodness and generosity). Read Romans 4 these gifts arrive in, around and through you by faith. Faith is a gift of abundant believing. Abiding, resting looking into my eyes is your number one priority. Live John 15. That's your job description. You rest, I produce abundant fruit and all you did was rest. Rest is where faith is birthed, rest is what makes risk enjoyable.  I want to encounter, envelop people in my love, grace and power. I'm personally convincing you of my intention, goodness and love towards you and your community. As you become fully convinced that I am good you will simply magnify who I am and that will compel, and invite others in. All you have to do is abide, invite and make space. Make space for me in all you do. 


Jamie Lee, 24/11/2014