Pouring Into Others 

All the glory, strength and gifting He has placed in you isn’t just for you. Yes there's joy in co-labouring with the Father. But ultimately the good works He has prepared in advance for us to walk in are for the people around us. Sonship, spiritual adoption sets us free to live for the interest of others, spending time raising others up, rather than worry and become fixated upon ones own personal significance.


His intention is that our life becomes a seed that He can plant and multiply. That who we are will nourish and feed other people, that we will raise people up  through the strength He has poured into our life.

Spiritual adoption brings us into a wonderful place of  knowing incredible significance, value and worth. Consequently we shouldn't need to be looking for an identity through what we do, achieve or succed in. This gift of identity, knowing who we are, enjoying the Fathers delight, and being called the beloved, enables us to become selfless and give away freely what we receive.


Promises, gifting and calling must not become our identity, or our idol?  Gifting and calling is not the primary place we get our hope and joy from. Calling mustn't turn into who I am. The promise mustn't  become what I recognise as me. When get our primary identity from what we do it's easy to live to devour it and demand that the dream flows into our own life.


He didn’t give this dream, this calling so we would devour it for ourself. He gave it so it would be a seed, so that the life from that calling, grace gift etc might flow into other peoples lives from your life.


Your dream is something Jesus gave and entrusted to you to bless others and not something for you to devour for yourself. Devouring looks like this ”If I don’t make it happen, get it to happen while I’m here then it’s not going to happen” 


It’s the unwillingness to hold onto something lightly. Instead relax, rest and give Him permission to work it out according to His wisdom. If I get to be in control of my dreams, calling, ambition, they will remain tiny, my wildest dreams come no where near what He is planning and doing. He’s doing more than you could ask or imagine.


Have great expectations of what He is doing in you and through you, be like a grain of wheat that is willing to die, so that the life in the seed is released to others.

Jamie Lee, 03/11/2014