Family Part 6 The Safe Place (Preach Notes) 

The Fathers heart is expressed in Him wanting a family. He wants us reconnected both with Himself and with one another. He is about creating a family where his children can experience their broken hearts and wounds get healed. Crucial to this kind of healing is that we are connected and walking deeply with people, and this true Healing of the heart is only possible in a safe place. Only there can strongholds that kept us locked in and hidden get pulled down. 

When we don’t feel safe we are uptight, stressed, anxious, and fearful. We won’t show weakness when we don't feel safe. Instead stuff gets buried alive. We hide from God and one another. And this hiddeness cuts us off from experiencing the spiritual family, the church as Father God intended.

To give ourself to people we must understand that maturity and personal freedom grows person to person. Without one another how do we really know if we are growing in the fruit of the Spirit? (For the fruit of patience is only made manifest in the context of interpersonal relationships).  We also need to grasp that individualism is a war against God’s origional design. It Takes hard choices to stay in family. Because family is often messy. Giving yourself to walk deeply with people doesn’t bear fruit immediately, obviously or quickly.  Cultivating safety takes sacrifice and often costs.

True safety is only found in a right understanding of God’s goodness. Isa 54:10 He wants us to be completely sure of his attitude towards us. The closer we get to God the closer we get to freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17  Love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18 When you experience safety with God, and begin to understand that it’s Safe to be yourself, you consequently make deep connections with God and with those around you. 

When a whole community is living in the power of and reality of God’s true nature and attitude. Expectation/hope grows, dreams get birthed, risk/faith becomes natural. Masks drop, there's Freedom from rejection, striving, performance, and comparison. People blossom in safety. 

To listen to the preach go to Podcasts. The Safe Place was preached on Sunday October 2014 

Jamie Lee, 27/10/2014