The Trinity Is Family In Action 

At the centre of the Kingdom is the dynamic and perfect relationship of the trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit function perfectly in unity, community, honouring each other, without comparison, competition, or control.


To be reflectors of the fact we are made in His image this must be embraced within our own heart. Coming to a place of Security, rest and peace in our relationships.  The ‘juice’ that flows within us, will flow between us. Orphans are by nature alone, and live in competition, comparison with one another. Orphans live perpetually in competition, believing from experience that resources, opportunity, promotion, are limited. Which pits us against one another, struggling to grab the little that we believe is available.


But in the Kingdom opportunities, resources are not limited. He has a plan, purpose, resources, limitlessness, for everyone. Our identity as sons is crucial to grasp if we are to increasingly become a dynamic family.


To live as those who are made his image, means we are being conformed to reflect how the trinity functions relationally. Honouring etc.

Jamie Lee, 13/10/2014