Family Part 3 (Preach Notes) 

Read Acts 6:1-7. In the context of increase, breakthrough, growth, the early Church was still a messy place. There were legitimate complaints. The question is how did leadershiprespond to these legitimate needs?

Leadership is the desire to serve. Leaders are always pouring themselves out for the benefit of others. It's very Normal and natural for leaders to plug gaps, and make things happen.

However in this instance the Apostles do not fill the gap and meet the need themselves. Instead their response is “It would not be right”. We will not fill this gap. Why? Not frustration, or we are above this but to meet this need will require neglect. Sacrifice of the bodies momentum. The solution:- turn responsibility over to people. We can’t do what He has called us to do without you.

They looked for particular people. People full of the Spirit, and wisdom. People who know how to tap into Heaven’s resources, Fruit and wisdom. There isn’t spiritual work and non spiritual work. We see in the case of Stephen that he operated in wisdom as he served tables and wisdom and as He spoke. Everything to have the same Hall Mark.

Central to Stephen growing in authority and responsibility was serving. His faithfulness gave his life momentum. Serving, the disposition of his heart led to increase, outflow and impact

The result of this delegation was the body functioning effectively, Relational peace key. So that the word of God spread, the number of disciples increased rapidly, break through in the hardest area.

Jamie Lee, 29/09/2014