Family Part 2 (Preach Notes) 

Ephesians 4 tells us that Jesus gives leadership gifts given to church. These gifts create the 'soil', establish the environment and culture where good things can grow, where the body is equipped to work properly. Where the body is released and enabled to Do the stuff, where everyone ‘gets to play’

Leadership gifts do this through 

(1) The leaders own momentum, Leaders start things off, set the pace and invite others to join in and increase the momentum. Ceilings become peoples platforms (2) Calling out identity, teaching, reminding the people that they are equally loved, adopted, sons, and co-heirs. This creates a culture where All participate in speaking the truth in love  (3) Gold prospecting.  A culture of encouragement. We don’t bring out the dirt: if we get an insight on something that is negative, we supernaturally prophesy in the opposite spirit to bring the gold out. (“No one who has a gold mine says ‘Look at all the dirt I’ve found’) In the same way that God is seeing us through the finished work of the cross, perfect through the the blood of His Son. We must remember that we are called to a ministry of reconciliation, to reconnect people to the Father. The judgement has been put on Jesus.

The Kingdom is about powerful people being together. Not powerless people following powerful leaders. But to be powerful you first have to believe something is required of you. You start to function in the body through Surrender, servanthood, and stewardship.

A foundation of surrender to God leading to how can I serve? Central to growing in authority and responsibility is serving. Serving/faithfulness gives your life momentum. It’s easier for Him to steer a ‘moving ship’.

Revelation, calling, gifting comes in seed form: Steward/nurture intentionally what you have. There is hard work/perseverance to put in in order to achieve your God-given purpose. Grace is opposed to earning but welcomes effort.
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Jamie Lee, 22/09/2014