Preach Notes August 24 The Good Father Part 2 

In Luke 15 the Elder brother is Loyal. Obedient. Faithful. Dutiful, Hard-working. Yet Never accessed/used what was rightfully his as a son. You can live in the father’s house, but fail to enjoy and experience Father love/resources

Mindset’s blocked him. 1.identity issue:- He was a son with a slaves identity. I slaved for you. Joyless keeping of rules, fear based obedience, you get what you deserve. Lie:- Father is a demanding master.

2. Access issue. Slaves/servants don’t expect intimacy, and affection. Looking for orders not love. So remained Isolated. 3.An inheritance issue. He only had to ask, Why did he wait for his father to give him a goat when he owned the whole farm? You never gave me. Blessings rooted in Competition, and performance This not right, just, fair, Anger (at father and younger son) and self-pity jealousy. 

The father tells the older son: ‘Son, To access what is rightfully ours in Christ we must have a revelation of our true identity. favoured, loved, delighted in. You were always with me. Not a competition. and all that I have is yours. This is a foundation to build your entire life on. 

It’s How to stay encouraged when you are waiting for your healing/breakthrough, job, visa, house, and others are getting breakthroughs around you. Everything is available to me too. I am always a much loved child, and today is a good day for a break through in my life too. 

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Jamie Lee, 08/09/2014