Preach Notes August 17 The Good Father Part 1

Luke 15 looks at two sons both alienated from their father. The younger son ran, squandered, sinned, and found himself locked into shame, and pain. It was ultimately hunger that drove him home, not relationship. He felt unworthy to access the benefits of relationship with the father. Feeling worthy by our own efforts keeps us on the treadmill of works and legalism

Often we don't come near to God because we don't feel worthy. If you feel you are now not worthy to receive benefits of son-ship, It must of meant at some point you felt worthy via you own efforts. This is salvation by works, and is not goodnews.

The father completely ignores the younger son's plea of unworthiness. The invitation to enjoy intimacy, connection, son-ship, inheritance is won/purchased by Jesus. Your sense of un/worthiness is irrelevant. The Father says I am completely satisfied, persuaded, convinced. I choose to love. This restored relationship is 100% recieved on the basis of His mercy, grace, compassion and love.

Holding onto Feeling unworthy will hinder our experience of his love and grace. Shame produces self-imposed limits. Resisting His invitation. We must repent of any obstacles in our heart, daily having full agreement with God's assesment. God delights, finds us irresistible. Celebrates you when doing well, when could do better.

God is waiting 24/7 This has to be the foundation of how He sees us. You are the child of a really good Dad.
Jamie Lee, 01/09/2014