The Secret (Preach Notes) 

What is the secret to running the race of risk and faith? Hebrews 12:2:-Don’t look inwards/ Sometimes we feel courage, then on another occasion we look inwards and find the ‘bank’ of our faith empty. Overwhelmed by facts our inadequacy/Fear/exhaustion. We back off the race. Looking inwards takes our eyes off Jesus, You always come up come up short, when you look at yourself. Never feeling you have enough faith. We don’t merit something to earn His activity.

Don’t deny facts/but don’t have to understand how it works. Jesus is the solution. Superior reality  When we fix our attention on Jesus, a mind set on Him live aware of His abundance.

Jesus is not just a great example of starting/finishing. Faith/trust is authored by Him. Only grows if we are in relationship with Him. When we see who He is, overwhelmed by Him. Aligning ourselves with how He thinks. His assessment of us. 1 Tim 1:18 The real battle is believing what He says about us.
Thinking, acting, planning, talking in line. Touching the World is God’s idea, It’ s not our job to heal/saviour, our job is to believe he is the healer/saviour, to believe He’s in us, and then through risk to let Him out.

Jesus very happy with idea that faith can develop and grow, He mentioned Levels of faith (little, weak, strong, great) “CCK WE can grow” It’s a process, realise you are on a journey, celebrate progress. Steward well. Give away
Jamie Lee, 19/08/2014