Doing the work of an evangelist 

2 Timothy 4:5 Part of what hinders us from doing the work of the evangelist is the sense of pressure to get people to make a decision. There’s no pressure on us, we don’t have to “sell Jesus”, we don’t have to get them to pray a prayer,“But don’t you want to see them saved?” “Yes” BUT must lose the stereotype of what being evangelistic looks like, Need to be free from the performance mentality. step out of the box and be yourself. Only having one goal to give people a taste. If people taste enough they will never be the sameand will Want more Psalm 34:8 Peace, Hope, healing. They will see as we announce Luke 10:9 God loves you, He has just come near you. He’s available.

You can’t break off what you don’t have. We always talk about what we enjoy. All begins with personal encounter. Living from His Goodness and His presence. Feast on God personally. Get to know His heart and His nature. Drink in His goodness His approval, His affirmation. He Transforms us individually then the world around us. Drink then leak His goodness. OVERFLOW. Inhale, and exhale. Lovers get more done than workers.


Jamie Lee, 12/08/2014