Preach Notes From Sunday July 20 

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Two responses to an impossible promise. Luke 1:11 Zechariah and Mary. First Zechariah's response:- The prayer you no longer pray is about to be answered. His response, How can I be sure of this? Instead of Joy and delight, He’s restricted by logic and facts. He hasn’t dealt with His past Delay and disappointment. Saw promise throughs lens of past offence. Disappointment and joy are competing for a resting place. He’s Shackled defined by unbelief. Unblief always Taints/spoils.  I can’t get my hopes up. Receiving a promise starts between the ears. Don’t be defined by cynicism, scepticism, apathy.

He couldn’t be trusted to speak. His words were toxic, poisonous killing faith Proverbs 18:21 It’s not our complaining that changes the facts. Let His promise change how you think, talk. Fear God, and fear unbelief. What you tolerate will eventually dominate.

Mary asks a question How will this be? He’s not shocked when we don’t understand/can’t imagine “No word from God will ever fail”. “That’s enough for me” “May your word to me be fulfilled”. You can’t lie, you can’t die. You said it you will fulfil it for me.

Mary is blessed/Happy because she embraces His word. Acting, thinking, speaking in line with his promise. His word finds a home. What came from you is now my promise. A promise has substance. Result. Joy, Rejoicing, celebrating. thanksgiving in anticipation. Faith is the normal expression of the believer who hasn’t got offence and become jaded by life’s disappointment.


Jamie Lee, 29/07/2014