Salvation and Righteousness Part 4 

We are called not to run on your own effort. Legalism means turning your back on God. Going spiritually astray. Leaving freedom to enter into slavery. Fallen from grace. We never grow out of needing this good-news. It’s not the basic ABC we move on from. It’s the A-Z  Galatians 1v6


The gospel is the way we enter the Kingdom, it’s the way we live as part of the Kingdom. If we are full of guilt, shame, condemnation you are trusting another gospel, that is no gospel at all. He gave himself for our sins, he made a sacrifice, He paid for your debt. Galatians 2v20. We can never fall back into condemnation. God never demands two payments for the same sin. You are Clean, clean, clean. 3v24 The court is closed the verdict already in. Galatians 3v24 Justified by faith. 

Jamie Lee, 15/07/2014